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Buy one of our great packages now. Whether you need a research report or monthly Internet Marketing delivery service, we have something to allow you to be a success online. Custom services and packages available upon request, call now 01902 213326.


Our Internet & Inbound Marketing packages focus on growing the number of visitors to your Website (Leads), so that you can focus on your Conversion Rate, growing your Sales and PROFIT.


Website Design Packages: With a professional and dynamic website that you can control by updating text, images and videos – Our 3 Website Design Packages will take your web pages to the next level with great Internet Marketing, Mobile Ready (iPhone, Android) and Search Engine features.


Why are Young Cow’s services so expensive?

Our services are carefully delivered using the latest techniques coupled with our understanding of how business works, at our Wolverhampton office. Our websites & internet marketing services would be less expensive if we had them solely produced in India or China, but then we’d lose control over the quality of the finished Website and the quality of the jobs we create. Our turn-around time (the time between designing a new website and being able to deliver it to customers) is quite fast, especially for a small company. We could use inferior techniques, but we’ve been making websites for a long time and plan to make them for a lot longer still: we don’t want customers complaining about this or that part of their website breaking. There are plenty of less expensive website companies on the market and it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide if the quality of our services justifies the investment.

So now you’re wondering why we’re such good value for money?

So now that you know what goes into our services, you might wonder why they aren’t even more expensive. First of all, we sell almost exclusively to the businesses, so there is no wholesale-to-retail markup: you buy directly from us. Second, we are a lean little company: we are not top-heavy with vice presidents, nor are we traded publicly. We are a quality example of human-scale enterprise, we provide solutions and sell them to people.


All of our projects are split into monthly payment schemes:

We take a deposit payment that initiates the start of your project, and monthly milestone payments are then taken inline with each project. If you wish to spread the price over a 12 month period we apply a 10% charge.

We accept Standing Order, BACs and Cash payments only. For full details, please see our terms.

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