My top 5 Small Business Internet Marketing Blogs, where You can seriously Grow Your Business, No Fluff!

///My top 5 Small Business Internet Marketing Blogs, where You can seriously Grow Your Business, No Fluff!

My top 5 Small Business Internet Marketing Blogs, where You can seriously Grow Your Business, No Fluff!

I read blogs on a daily basis where I’m able to gain insight, writing technique and most all I gain value and entertainment. Like you, I have a monthly marketing budget, you need to make it stretch as far as possible, you have a number of marketing strategies you’re currently running, may be even a sales team, or you are the sales team! Time is precious… And you’re looking for something extra from people or organisations that have the solutions for your passion and problems and they’ve laid down plans that have resulted in both actionable steps and massive results that you can copy.

Whilst the top 5 blogs are my favourite, there are more blogs that I read and offer great value, but I believe these top 5 offer that bit extra, which I know will help to put your Internet Marketing on the right track and take your results to the next level.

So here they are in ascending order, oh wait I can’t count there’s actually 10, I wanted to give you more value;

First I will kick off with those that didn’t make the top 5, so from 10-6, we have…


blog-img-traffic-gen10 – Traffic Generation Café

Takeaway: I’ve been following Ana @TrafficGenerationCafe for a few years now and she executes perfectly that even when your first language isn’t English you can still crush Internet Marketing when you have passion. Great content and guides, check here slide share presentations!

Must read article: Be Memorable: 10 Practical Ways to Successfully Get Influencers’ Attention



blog-img-mattwood9 – Matthew Woodward

Takeaway: SEO, Internet Marketing backed by video tutorials Matthew delivers on all fronts and you won’t go wrong by reading his content.

Must read article: The Best Free SEO Tools & Internet Marketing Software



blog-img-follow8 – Follow

Takeaway: Follow produces a great round up of growth hacking and “how to” case studies, what I like most is the value and evidence that is shown in the content they feature.

Must read article: 138,790 Users in 30 Days Gathered Thanks to 3 Hacks: Do the Same!



blog-img-sme7 – Social Media Examiner

Takeaway: Great insight tutorials for Internet Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Email and much more.

Must read article: 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals



blog-img-canva6 – Canva

Takeaway: The way we communicate as humans online is Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (feelings) – Canva takes the Visual and Kinaesthetic to the next level teaching you how to visually engage with your readers and evoke feeling. The featured image for this post was created using Canva!

Must read article: How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1,000 Times


From 5 – 1, we have;


blog-img-moz5 – Moz

Author: Multiple (Rand Fishkin)

Formally known as SEO Moz, Moz provides great insight, personality and how-to guides on what works in the world of Internet Marketing.

What I like about Moz, is the interesting case studies, the questions they answer from their community as well as the Internet Marketing tools they offer both Free and Paid. There is tons of material you can get free and sign up for on their website, allowing you to gain true insight into marketing strategies that you can implement for your own campaigns.

Takeaway: Awesome blog covering SEO, Content Marketing & more.

Must read article: Beginners Guide to SEO & Search Engine Ranking Factors


blog-img-copyblogger4 – Copy blogger

Author: Multiple

Copy blogger as they say is built buy bloggers, meaning the content comes from a variety of authors who provide great content with personality and entertainment. The blogs offer good insight into making a difference in how you curate content and seduce your audience.

What I like most are the free eBooks and the 20 part internet marketing course.

Takeaway: Great content that install a feeling of story, which ultimately will help to seduce your readers and customers.

Must read article: No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients


blog-img-backlinko3 – Backlinko

Author: Brian Dean

Want to growth hack your way to better results and improved marketing campaigns then Backlinko has this in full supply.

What I like about Backlinko, is that Brian takes you through each of his strategies the writing is on point and his tutorial approach on the how to blogs is great.

Takeaway: SEO, Growth hacking and tons of value.

Must read article: Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days (Skyscraper technique)


blog-img-thesaleslion2 – The Sales Lion

Author: Marcus Sheridan

I came across the sales lion a few years ago now and to put it straight, this guy writes from his experience of running a business, and in business your bottom line is the difference between paying the bills and eating or not. I love what he writes about because it connects your business with an understanding that you must communicate with your customers in order to grow, or order to get results and in order for you to hit your goals.

What I like most about The Sales Lion, is that this guy focuses on an underlying theme of sales, what I mean by that is how your marketing affects your sales – The bottom line. Marcus writes in a style that is easy to follow and in most cases stuff you may know already but he just lays it down in a way you can implement without having to do all of the thinking yourself.

Takeaway: A guy who went from Small Business to top Internet Marketing consultant.

Must read article: 5 Powerful SEO and Content Marketing Techniques that Took My Website to 320k Visitors Per Month


blog-img-quicksprout1 – Quick Sprout

Author: Neil Patel

What I love most about Quick Sprout is the amount of actionable content that Neil delivers. Not only stuff you can follow in your own business but he shows you time and time again how he has helped other business. Backed by results of the strategies that he implements, its huge value from an Internet Marketing Point of view.

What I like about Quick Sprout, is the writing style, all of the free value adding downloads and tutorials. You’re given an insight into a world most people find confusing and too technical and it’s broken down in to steps that allow you to surpass and potentially technical hang ups. Neil wraps all of this into his own journey, sharing with you how he does his own marketing and sharing the results at the same time, he runs businesses and is quite clear on how blogs fit into his business to help people and generate sales. From a business point of view this is the GOLD…!

Takeaway: Discipline and persistence seems to be the key, no magic wand and Neil shows you precisely how!

Must read article: How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Leads



These blogs give me a source of what’s hot, what’s working and what I can action. The main reason in creating this round up of my top Internet Marketing blogs is that they have helped me and my purpose is to help you.

Go on, take a look at these blogs as I’m positive you will find a nugget (If im honest it will be bullions) of information that will give you great value.

What are your top Internet Marketing blogs? I would love to know who you consider worthy of reading and following, please share the links in a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm Leon, I blog about Small Business Success, Internet Marketing and a few things in between. Im the owner of Young Cow Ltd offering strategic performance based Internet Marketing & Web Design services. | Follow me @leonstreete
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Leon Streete
I'm Leon, I blog about Small Business Success, Internet Marketing and a few things in between. Im the owner of Young Cow Ltd offering strategic performance based Internet Marketing & Web Design services. | Follow me @leonstreete


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