Invested money into Your Internet Marketing but Your sales don’t seem to be growing any faster, sound familiar..?

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Invested money into Your Internet Marketing but Your sales don’t seem to be growing any faster, sound familiar..?

So you’ve invested your hard earned money into your Internet Marketing but your sales don’t seem to be growing any faster, what can be done to turn this around? Below is a list of 7 actions you can take to improve your sales.

1 – Customer Surveys

Find out what your customers want, find out what they need fixing and solving, and then provide the solution. A customer survey is a great way to answer these questions, create a survey with a maximum of 10 multiple choice questions with a comments section below each question. This then allows your customers to answer the question and to add any additional comments. This  will provide you with valuable feedback helping you to find out what your customers want and even opening up the doors to new products to fix their problems. When creating a survey you will want to focus on 5 key areas…

  1. Performance and Service – How good is your service/product
  2. Quality – How does it compare to their expectations Competitors – How well do you match up against them
  3. Did You Know? – Did you know you can do this with that
  4. Is there anything else you wish to add? – This will allow your customer to speak openly to you, to suggest any ideas they have that may benefit you.

2 – Questions & Answers aka FAQs

Also known as FAQ’s, these allow you to answer questions customers may ask you now and in the future. But remember these should be real questions that your customers have asked you. If you don’t have a selection of questions that customers have asked, all you need to do is ask your existing and previous customers for questions they would like to be answered, then go answer them!

3 – Biography – “A bit about you”

A biography is a great way to let customers get to know you before they approach you, there is a saying Know You, Like You, Trust you. Each team member should have a biography to help with customer communication as the old saying goes people buy from people, and especially the people the know. With a biography on your website people can see you and learn about you before they have even spoken to you. You can even go the full hog and put a video on there…

4 – Quiz – “75% of Women said they prefer the Blah blah Shampoo” Think L’Oreal

A quiz allows your customers to interact with your business. Most importantly make sure that it is simple and easy to complete, this will allow you the opportunity to collect many responses. Have you ever seen a women’s shampoo advert on TV? Yes of course you have. Did you ever notice the statistics at the bottom of the advert that say 9/10, 79 out of 100 women agreed this shampoo was better etc? With the results from your quiz you can start to provide real statistics to your customers and use these facts to your advantage.

5 – 10 Reasons why you will love being our customer

Provide benefits of being your customer, answer objections, for example show you provide a guarantee or a secure encrypted website, list that you’re a helpful and professional team to help them every step of the way.

6 – Customer reviews and testimonials

There’s nothing quite like having testimonials from your customers especially if they’re in video format, or at the very least, text and a company logo or image of the customer. But remember if you don’t ask for testimonials you won’t get them. Some people are sceptical about them but you’re better off with having them, we know because it works for us!

7 – Offer a free “Did you know” Guide

This could be a FREE PDF eBook that you give away when someone opts into your website with their name and email. This helps to build relationships with your customers and to keep you in front of your target market until they are ready to buy.


Well that’s it, what do you think, could these 7 actions allow you to increase your sales and conversion rate? If you have any great tips of your own when it comes to improving sales from your Internet Marketing we would love to see them below.


Thanks for reading.

Leon & Jack


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