How much does it cost to start a website project?

How much does it cost to start a website project?

Asking how much it costs to start a website project has the same response to when you asked how long tea was going to be when you were younger, “How longs a piece of string”. As annoying as it is that’s the answer to the question. There are ball park figures we can give you however it all depends on these fundamentals.

  • Strategy
  • Content,
  • Design,
  • Functionality,
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name.


What is the purpose of your website, does it help to extend your value message?

Will your website get your message out there to your audience in terms of being able to help them with their problems or passions? Are you able to solve a problem with the products or services you put together? Therefore your website should be targeted all around that. What can you do to help make their life easier, save them money, save them time, and help them with efficiency and productivity? How will your product and services do this.


Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Product Page, Blogs, Tutorials…

Eyes, Ears & Touch/Feel. These are the 3 types of communication as humans you can get across from your website. Visitors will be able to see your content like pictures & videos. They will be able to hear your content if you have Videos with Audio or if you have Audio on its own. With your content you can create a feeling, if the feeling is help, providing answers or solutions to people, this is incredibly beneficial!

What happens if you aren’t great at writing content? The answer is simple, you outsource it. You can get an ultra-cheap copywriter for £5 a page but remember the content would not be at a high quality.


Where do you look to pull inspiration for the design of your website? The answer is easy. Look at what your local competitors are doing. This isn’t to copy what they do, it’s just to see what inspiration you can get from that design. Their design may be terrible but there may be a small element such as a button or font that you like. This is where your design inspiration will start. You can then start to look further, you can start to look at the competitors in your region, then nationwide and lastly globally. You will then be able to start to piece together design inspiration a create yourself a mood board. (A mood board is a blank canvas that contains pictures, colours, text and a lot more.)



Functionality is all about how it all works. From selling a product online from the “Add to basket” stage all the way to the sale being completed. This can also be when you are on a brochure website and you fill in an enquiry form for a call back or you want to sign up to get a free e book. How does all this work to allow you to get the end product that you desire. The most common functionalities with the website projects we create are;

Ecommerce – Shopping functionality, this can include managing orders adding products and creating coupon codes.

Content management systems – (This allows you to change all the text and images on your website.

Analytics – This allows you to manage and track the statistics of the visitors to your site, this can include their geographical location and what device they viewed your website on.




Your website is made up of images, text and videos that are stored on web pages. Hosting is where all your files are sitting, it is exactly like your computer hard drive. Web hosting is needed in order to host your website in order to keep all those files together. Hosting is normally charged monthly. If you got for a cheaper option you can see yourself paying £3-5 a month. The hosting we use most often are;

Shared Hosting
Great for start-ups – To accommodate a “just getting started” website.
Price – From £3 a month.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Great for multiple websites–This hosting package allows you to host multiple websites. Price – From £30 a month.

Dedicated Server
Great for big complex websites–This hosting package is mainly aimed at resource hungry ecommerce websites. Price – From £90 a month.


Domain Name

When you want a website you need to buy a domain name, a domain name is the name you type into the top of the web browser, for example for us it is A domain name can be seen as a small unimportant task however there is one thing you need to keep in mind when picking the prefix at the end of your website name. This is whether you want, .com, .net and many others.  If your target is only the UK it would be best to buy a, this can cost around £5 a year and this can be purchased for more than 1 year at a time. If your target is globally we recommend buying a .com or .net domain, these can be a little bit more expensive and you can be looking at a price around £10 a year. We recommend you buy the domain for 5 years as this looks good with Google as the longer you have it registered for Google will see you as more trustworthy.

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Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers

I'm a Designer at Young Cow and love working with clients to help them achieve success through their websites. In my spare time I blog about the things I enjoy and learn in design, as well as being a big Potters (Stoke City) Fan.
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About the Author:

Jack Rogers
I'm a Designer at Young Cow and love working with clients to help them achieve success through their websites. In my spare time I blog about the things I enjoy and learn in design, as well as being a big Potters (Stoke City) Fan.


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    Hi Jack Rogers,

    It is my first visit to your site, I am enjoying your article. I have read some interesting stuff here which are fully packed with valued content. Following your instruction, everyone start a good website, they will generate good income.


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    Well, for me the most expensive part was only the hosting service.
    I choosed a professional (advanced) account and due to this I pay about $200 a year.
    I also paid about $9 for the domain, and I always use WordPress to build my blogs.

    A beginner could start with a baby plan for hosting and this way will invest much less to start its blog.

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