The past week as a metaphor

In the past week I’ve gone through some great experiences, on one hand I’ve had to let go of a sales team member, then on the other I’ve pulled in £9k worth of sales. The key thing about both actions is that I was decisive and chose to follow through with my gut feeling.

Letting the team member go was based on a review over a period of time, did they achieve the results I was expecting in the time allotted or was it that I was being too harsh? Was my fear of letting them go actually keeping them employed for longer than they should have been, but impacting on my business as a loss? Haemorrhaging money just to keep someone employed and happy, is not a good thing for a business owner and I’ve been down this road before.

There are many occasions your gut will tell you one thing and your mind says another, normally it’s the fear factor that kicks in and keeps your decision making ability – paralysed. No matter what you’re experiencing in your business I would always recommend you go with your gut feeling, and over time as you exercise your own instincts they will become stronger, and if you feel you need more than just your own instinct, ask someone for their opinion – get perspective.

Maintaining a focus on your leads and sales goals is massively important, because being in business with money in the bank is better than a business without money.

This is equally important when it comes to your Internet Marketing. Do you stick with the old stuff or do you change for the better?

This is my advice to you…  Let things go and work on strategies that will return a results driven approach. Focus on what’s working, look at where the opportunities are, if you don’t know where they are seek advice and opinion from people who do know. Put 2, 3, 4 or 5 strategies in place; Pay Per Click – Facebook, Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy etc that align with your marketing plan so that you’re not overloaded, now go action and implement your campaigns and analyse the results.

“You can have results or excuses. NOT BOTH.” ― Jeremiah kite.


When it comes to business and what I do with Internet Marketing my gut feeling is what I rely on, but only once I’ve taken into account the results of what has happened. Emotions can cloud your judgement, so when it comes to your marketing campaigns, make decisions that are backed by results and if you don’t have enough data to make the right decision start putting things into action or seek advice from people who know about Internet Marketing to help move your business forward.

There’s a reason you hire a Solicitor or listen to the advice of a Doctor, it’s no different with receiving the same guidance from a professional Marketer, check their track record then start working on your business.

Over to you

What things are holding back your Internet Marketing campaigns, lack of results, poor results compared to what you expected? What tips or strategies do you use to simply keep going or to grow time and time again? Please share your ideas by commenting below.




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Leon Streete

Leon Streete

Director at Young Cow Ltd
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