What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a useful tool developed by Google Adwords and used by advertisers to display adverts to audiences who have previously visited a website. It works by placing cookies on the audience’s computer as they browse your website, this means that the advertiser can follow the audience across any other website they visit, who allow Google AdSense advertising to appear, after they have left your website. So when a  visitor loads up a new website, you have a chance of appearing in a display advert (Ad) in various positions on another webpage, this technique is used to help see what content is popular to the audience and to make sure they have the best user experience possible.

Here are the top 7 core elements when creating your Remarketing Campaign banners

When we create Ad banners we use software called Photoshop, this allows us to create visually appealing banners that can implement animation to catch the eyes of your audience. We aim to get the top 7 core elements into the banner, these elements are;

  1. Call to action
  2. Eye-catching images
  3. Clear information
  4. Relevancy to the user (Remarketing lists)
  5. Brand colours/identity
  6. Animation (Gif file)
  7. Tempting offers


Below are a few examples of Ad banners we have created for one of our customers Wolverhampton Storage Ltd. These banners clearly contain our top 7 core elements whilst looking visually appealing for their audience to take action.

image007 image003 image005

*The first image shows the banner on a page on the Express & Star (Regional News) website.

What results should I expect?

Every company will be different in terms of what results they can get, for example, one of our other clients below – you can see their AdWords dashboard, which received very impressive results within the first week of going live. Their banners accumulated approx. 91,000 impressions.


What are impressions?

Impressions are based on the amount of times your ad will appear on a website. This means that they can be visible on the website but no one takes action and clicks on it. You may be thinking, “Why have an ad banner if no one clicks it”. If the banner has been created using our top 7 core elements then because of the process of repeat viewing through a subliminal cycle, eventually their subconscious will recognise your brand, whether or not they choose to. This will make sure your brand is at the front of their mind when they’re ready to make a decision in viewing your website.

Structuring your Remarketing Campaigns

The best way to structure your remarketing is by having one separate campaign for each remarketing strategy you are managing. This means that each campaign will need to have an individual daily budget allocation. Remarketing does not require keywords, this is optional, so you don’t need to worry about picking the right keywords.

Where do I place my Ads?

You have these great looking ads but you don’t know the best place to put them. The best place to start thinking is your local/regional news website, for example, the target website for a businesses in Wolverhampton would be the Express and Star. When creating your campaign Google will offer you which websites you would like your ad to be placed on, it will also tell you if that website has the features enabled in order to show your ad as not every website allows ads. Google will also show you how many times the website is visited every month to give you an indication of the popularity of the website. This helps you to focus on the right website to bring in traffic.

Its decision time…

Do you want to grow your brand? Do you want to engage with your target audience? Would you benefit from remarketing?

If you answered YES to these 3 questions, we would recommend you take a serious look at Google AdWords for your business.  If this is something that seems a little daunting, we would be happy to answer any questions you have, just leave a comment below or you can get in touch with us.

We hope you have found this blog a useful roundup of Google AdWords remarketing and some starter display advertising settings. If you have any great tips of your own when it comes to Remarketing we would love to see them below.

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