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What makes a successful and powerful website design?

What makes a successful website design is something I ask myself before I start on any new project. Incorporating what the customer wants whilst trying to design a website that helps the business to compete online is usually the main aim. So to answer this question I’ve come up with a number of tips that work when I’m creating website [...]

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Here’s the Top 10 Elements Every Great Business Website needs in 2014

So you’ve just got over the Christmas and New Year’s Dinner and eating lots of Sweets and Biscuits that were filling your cupboard shelves and causing you to repeatedly visit the kitchen for more treats, but remember your website needs to bring in sales leads… Regularly I’m asked what features do I need on my website for it to be [...]

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Young Cow are moving

Dear Customers, We are very pleased and excited to announce that Young Cow are moving headquarters! For almost 3 years, Unit 17 on the Wulfrun Trad Estate, Wolverhampton has been our home. As a result of our increasing customer base and loyal support, we can no longer sustain business here. As of the week beginning Mon 2nd December, we will [...]

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WordPress wp_options table size too Big, and how to reduce it!

Recently one of our clients running WordPress with a bolt on Ecommerce plugin WP Ecommerce, was experiencing some issues with performance. We found the database had ballooned to 175mb, not overly big but huge for this particular client. So we looked at how to resolve and reduce the database size. Upon investigating using PHP MyAdmin we found that the wp_options [...]

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Why you should be using LinkedIn to boost your business image

Show you are an expert LinkedIn gives you two ways: you can create your personal profile or profile for your company. You should use both. I advise you to first set up your personal LinkedIn profile to get started with positioning yourself as an expert with your work experience, education and recommendations, in essence your online C.V. Let other people know [...]

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Here’s how Facebook can help your business to grow!

As a marketer Facebook can in fact work as a data base of your clients – a living, breathing place where potential leads and customers congregate, not just a pretty website. Every profile shows some information about its owner (depending on how much they want to show or hide). When you have someone in your friends or fans group, you [...]

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So what will be big in 2013? Web Design, Internet Marketing and Social Media..?

If you don’t do detail or read much that’s a shame, but I get it – you can skip to the conclusion. If you want to know how things are done with the juicy bits carry on reading below. Internet Marketing with an Inbound Focus So you have an idea of what Internet Marketing is? The marketing of products or [...]

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Google Admitting to negative SEO? Enter the Disavow Tool

Caution: This tool should be used only after you’ve been in touch with the webmaster of website that links to you, asking them first to remove your link. If unsuccessful then look at using the Disavow tool. To read up more on how to use the tool visit: To Access the tool visit: Happy reading and I hope this [...]

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FREE eBook: 100 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media

I've been busy the past few weeks putting together a great FEEBIE eBook to kick start your Social Media marketing. The eBook is titled "100 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media" and you can get it FREE now. Simply fill in your email and name, and you will get the free download link direct to your inbox, how [...]

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