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Why we believe in your success – About Us


We create successful Internet Marketing campaigns whilst combining our knowledge of high converting websites to deliver return on investment for our customers, based in the city of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England (United Kingdom).

Through our range of clients, we have experience of working successfully in many types of industries knowing what works and why. We provide a professional service with great support across all of our projects.


So Where did the name “Young Cow” come from?

Behind every good name there’s a story and Young Cow is no exception. Everyone who comes across the name is either intrigued or asks why didn’t we call the company “Calf”, yeah right how cool would that name sound? Any how back to the name…

Young Cow came about from our Managing Director, Leon Streete. “Whilst alive my father was a keen weight trainer and was renown by his friends, who because of his physique and meal sizes normally 3 times or more than that of a normal dinner, would call him “Cow”, so as I grew older and made appearances out and about with my father I picked up the nick name Young Cow from his friends”.

So there it is, the story behind our company name.

Our Mission

Young Cow is the UK leader in the Internet Marketing industry with solutions built on a passion for successful growth of our clients through evolving lifetime relationships and results based strategies.

We are client focused, continuously improve the technology, look, feel and image of our products and services to match and exceed client expectations and to provide them with the highest value.

We are a company that is creative and clear on our under lying values and beliefs whilst aligning them with our employees, suppliers and customers.

We are committed to continuously strengthening our brand and products to improve our competitive position and financial performance.

Vision & Strategy:

We are focused on achieving our goal of adding value to the lives of the people we work with. With a vision of a customer for life, we will become a nationally recognised leader in our industry and serve customers internationally with the most effective service.

This is realised in the values and beliefs we have as a company and through commitment to our culture. Giving back, listening twice as much as we speak and taking on board the advice, recommendation and feedback our customers, mentors and strategic partners provide.

Our leadership is committed to being open about the progress toward our goals. We know that with our people leading the way against proven and evolving systems, anything is possible.
We regard the development of this vision and strategy as a continuum of the strong business planning processes that exists across the organisation. It is not a single event. Rather it will continue to evolve alongside future function, industry and other planning activities.

Our Culture

As an honest company integrity is key to our success. From our initial contact with potential new, through to our existing clients, we communicate across a range of levels in order to satisfy your needs. We have formal systems in place that allow us to deliver structured projects that keep our clients informed and included through out a project life cycle.

With a strong belief in attention to detail you can be rest assured you will also experience the same success as our customers when we start working together.

Our Unique selling points

Our understanding of the business process when it comes to marketing is what gives us our edge. In the past we’ve built websites, marketed them and performed a whole host of other great services, but its through our drive to ensure our clients increase Leads, Sales, Conversion Rate and ultimately Profit through their internet marketing and website is what creates success.

We are creators and stand by this, as with each project we create a solution specific to our clients needs. We work together with you and deliver your needs through our experience.

With congeniality being a corner stone to our company it’s no surprise we have happy customers and customers who take up new services and grow their businesses with us.

You can start working with us now, simply call now or email.

Our Guarantees

  • We guarantee to deliver a website fit to serve your customers best whilst enabling you to achieve your online marketing goals.



In a world of continual technological improvement we take this notion onboard as part of our agenda. We continually look at the latest technologies and create solutions using the latest methods and resources, which allows are customers to benefit from our services directly by increasing your profit, saving you time and growing your business. We are by nature creators…

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