7 small steps to improve your website, and a giant leap for your conversion rate.

///7 small steps to improve your website, and a giant leap for your conversion rate.

7 small steps to improve your website, and a giant leap for your conversion rate.

Shhh… These are the top 7 secrets to improve the conversion rate on your website from a design point of view…

  • Layout
  • Colours
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Call to action
  • Font
  • Responsive Layout


These are tried and tested methods I use in designing websites every day and I have the results to show that with a few small steps this can result in having a giant leap in conversion rates. Take a look… Ecommerce-Overview---Google-Analytics


The layout of a website is a very important feature that needs to be done correctly especially with the type of websites that exist today, as more often than not they will need to adapt to mobile devices (iPhone/iPad). When designing a website I make sure it has all of the right ingredients to ensure it’s a great design. The things you need to look for when making sure the layout is the best it can be; is space… Space between each section of the website and around the different elements. Can you remember when you first learned to write in school, (ok maybe not all of us can) and your teacher always said to start your sentence in the left margin, starting with a capital letter and make sure you write straight across the page whilst leaving enough space below for the second line. This is because your teacher wanted you to write in a way that looked presentable and got your message across. This still applies now to your website layout.


What would I do without colour? Colour increases brand recognition by 80%, but what does colour mean.* I find colours that complement each other to bring as much feeling into the website as I can. Colours can create different feelings depending on what industry you are in, once again I am taking you back to your school days think of when your work was being graded, if you saw red pen on your work you knew you did something wrong as this was seen as negative, however in the flower industry, red can be seen as passion and love, which is a positive feeling. When working with colours I ensure that the palette works in that industry so the colours create the right feeling and engage the visitor. Below is a design that has been created recently for one of our customers, their colour scheme was a pastel navy blue with a bright pink second colour, although this doesn’t mean I could only use these 2 colours. Take a look… (Click on the image to enlarge)



I think videos are great, because it means I don’t have to read anything, I can sit back and listen & Watch all the information that this company has to offer. Videos are a great way to showcase your company and to keep visitors engaged on your website. What videos can be great for your website?

  • Company showcase/show reel
  • A few words from the company team members
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Free Tips Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • A product or service promo video

With all of these you can provide your visitor with more value and a real reason to stay on your website for longer. And if your message is really good you will probably pick up new customers and keep your existing ones happy.


Nothing can make….or break…a company faster than people talking about it. The fact is, people listen to what others have to say, for better or worse.

What do people actually think about the product or service they have just purchased from you?

Answering this question is one of the most essential communications that your website needs to portray, and it’s as simple to do as it is important. So whether you have text testimonials or video testimonials (which is even better) this will go a long way to answering possible objections from new customers.

So why are testimonials so effective?

Whether your customers are raving about what your product/service has done for them, they’re telling your visitors that they had a positive experience with you and your company.

How do I get testimonials?

Gathering testimonials can be done in several ways, assuming you have an awesome product or service, of course. The easiest way would be to call your customers and ask them if they would consider answering a few questions for feedback to include on your website. If you have the opportunity to record this testimonial as an audio file or video this would be even better !

Call to Action

Most websites want to convert visitors they get to their website into customers. Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website. A call to action is not just limited to particular websites. Every website should have an action it wants visitors to complete whether this is filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or asking a general question.

Where’s the best place to put a call to action?

A call to action should not just be limited to the homepage. Every page of your site should have some form of call to action that creates a response from your visitor. If the visitor reaches a dead-end they will leave the website without responding to your call to action.

How do I make sure my call to action stands out?

Your call to action  needs to be enticing for the visitor to fill in. The best way for this to happen is to position the contact form high up the website page and for it to be centred on the page.. If you can make this form full width it is a great way to bring colour into the website and to direct attention to the form. I wont send you to sleep explaining how I design call to actions myself but I will give you some examples below of websites where eye catching designs are used. (Click the images to enlarge)

form2 form1


You may be thinking font isn’t that important, that is is just text and visitors will read it no matter what it looks like. This may be correct however there is more insight to fonts than meets the eye. 

What do you think is the main reason for a font?

A font communicates your brand to your readers and customers. However to get to the point, a font is used to be read, it’s that simple.

I came across an interesting article that describes the psychological impact font has on understanding instructions. Once again, I wont bore you with all the details, ill get straight to the point.

They compared the results of 2 tests. 2 groups had 2 sets of the same instructions, printed in 2 different fonts. A simple font and a “fancy” font. The results showed the group with the simple font completed the set of instructions in an average of 8.2 minutes, however the group with the fancy font understood these instructions in an average of 15.1 minutes. 

What does this mean?

This means when people see simple fonts it looks easier to read and understand. Do you not agree that using simple fonts would benefit a call to action, as you want visitors to understand what to do as quickly as possible to remove any objections.

Responsive Design

What is a responsive design and why do I want a website that is responsive?

A responsive design allows your website to adapt to the layout of the viewing monitor. This is to ensure that webpages are completely viewable on browsers of different sizes and devices of different sizes.

Someone opening your site on a small smartphone will be shown the same site as the one you would visit on a laptop but the site will have noticed the size of the screen and automatically readjusted the website to give the user an experience better suited to their device.

No more loading a huge website and having to zoom in and out to find the content you’re looking for.

Why do I want a website that is responsive?

So now (hopefully) you understand what responsive web design is, here is a run down of the benefits.

  • Future proofing. Responsive sites work well across existing devices available and it’s safe to say it will be for some time to come.

  • Improve conversion rates. An optimised site, no matter what device it’s viewed on, provides a much better experience for the user which is more likely to lead to them to engage with your website rather than going elsewhere.

  • Better, faster, smarter user experience. Optimizing your site no matter what the user chooses to view it on makes their life easier. For an e-commerce website this can also result in an increase in mobile sales.


Over to you

The secrets are out!

This was an insight into some of the tips and tricks I have learned over my first year at Young Cow, the aim here is for you to take action and compare the strategies and tricks you use on your website and compare them to the short list explained, to see if you can apply these techniques to your website.

What tips or strategies do you use? I would love to know, comment below.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, Thanks for reading,


References; * colormatters.com

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Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers

I'm a Designer at Young Cow and love working with clients to help them achieve success through their websites. In my spare time I blog about the things I enjoy and learn in design, as well as being a big Potters (Stoke City) Fan.
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Jack Rogers
I'm a Designer at Young Cow and love working with clients to help them achieve success through their websites. In my spare time I blog about the things I enjoy and learn in design, as well as being a big Potters (Stoke City) Fan.

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